July 24, 2011

Trip To Indonesia(3)

smart? #ilikeit

Assalamualaikum and Peace Be Upon You.

i did promised to continue my story from here and here. so, nahh. let me entertain you with my so-called-educational-trip! ngahahaha.

6) okay. have you ever heard about Candi Borobudur? just ask Google if your answer is 'no'. tiheee. This candi is an amazing building. Just for your information, this is a sacred place for Buddhist. I am not worshiping the building nor the monuments, i am just appreciating the world's wonder. :)

adding some infos, the candi appear to look like a lotus flower, which is a very special flower to Buddhist.

every person need to wear this Batik and i still don't know the relevant. like seriously.

kak anas :) see those stairs? fewww.. stare the stairs. not the legs okay? -.-"

aishh. there's a lot more pictures that i want you guys to see, but, my camera ran out of battery. opss.

7) Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI Surakarta)

we had a few lessons here. they have experienced lecturers in Gamelan. So, for two days of 10 hours lessons, they taught us how to play Gamelan Jawa. aiyoo, having bad luck that day, i had to play an instrument that i had never played it before. and, of course you can figure out how 'well' did i played right? haha

dua orang yang kat kanan tu adalah lecturer nye. *psstt dorang pon ade fb tauuu*

i look like a professional player right? Bhahahaha now, i am a professional CHEATER! :p

8) Malioboro.

sorry because i don't have many pictures there. it's simply because that place is a SHOPPING HEAVEN! hahaha who cares about their camera compared to a handbag with LOWEST price evahhhhhh. blame the DNAs in me. it makes me so womanly featured. gagagagaga

notice that flower bouquet? that's for my mom :)

9) Gunung Merapi (Merapi Mountain)

remember the volcano eruption in Jawa? this is the place. not the exact place where the hole of volcano, but it was a village that affected by the eruption.

akak-akak senior yang dah macam spice girls dah aku tengok. haha

cuba perhatikan betul-betul. nampak tak gunung yang sayup je. bayangkan gunung tu yang meletus tapi efek dia sampai ke sini. sebelum ni, tmpat ni adalah kawasan hijau and ada beberapa rumah.

"okay, let kakak show you how to play it." <== padahal memang kakak ni je yang main bende pasir pasir colouful tu :p

meet them. again. hahaha

10) Pantai Parangthritis (Parangthritis Beach)

As usual, beach got sand and water. it's beautiful. the wave is big. so the visitors are not allowed to swim. just mandi kat gigi pantai je la..

model : keghol! hahaha

11) Candi Prambanan

Candi again? naahhh, this is not the same place like candi Borobudur. Compared to Borobudur, this place is bigger. and Borobudur just have like one building. Prambanan has a lot of towers yang bersepah. haha

from left; kak teya <3, kak ina, kak yati, theselekehme.

i told you the towers are so 'bersepah'right?

hmm. if you ever wonder about what's inside the tower? why they have so many towers?

the answer is, for the past thousands years before, they kept a cow in each tower, but nowadays, they keep the monument of cow as who want to feed them? haha just kidding. i don't know what happened to the cow, but something did. every single tower has their own stories and the cows are believed to have magical power.

11) ISI

eventhough it's ISI again, but we are there because we were attending a show. participated by the ISI's students itself.

meet my friends :)

erk. ni namenye 'perasan'. hahahaha

11) Rumah Pak Herman

whatthepark? you are going to write about someone's-not famous-anonymous house? kemonn la.

lepak chill relax la braii. hihi. i was going to describe what really happened there okay? we were invited and there's a makan-makan there lahh.. after that, haaaa that's was the main thing. though, it was unplanned event. there's about a team. an orchestra team. what so amazing about them? they are just A TEAM je ponnnn.

well, i can tell you that this in irregular-extraordiary-awesome-man only team. haha. they can play what ever song. just named it. eventhough they did not know the song's note. but they really can play it. haaaaishh i wished i am the 'celik muzik' person too :)

from left, guitar, double bass, ukelele

violin, bass, ukelele, guitar, Pak Herman

just for your information, Pak Herman was the person who taught us Gamelan in UTM Skudai. but, now, he moved to UPNM. yeahh, we hoped that we have more great teachers like him. *erk, why he sounds like he's dead?*

12) Keraton

haih, sorry but being forgetful person that i am, i can't recalled what is the Keraton's name. haiyoooo

they are creative kan??

13) Kilang Gamelan.
do not imagine the big, fully equipped with gigantic machines like the one in Transformer 3. haha. it was just a house. hehe. and the house is equipped with all the things needed to produce a full set of Gamelan.

they do take orders. but somehow, i am not interested to spend thousand just for this. sorry for not being obsessed with musical instrument.

14) Waong (Wayang Orang)

this thing is just similar like 'wayang kulit'. i mean the storyline and the characters. somehow, this one is played by 'orang' instead of 'kulit'. and this one that i watched was a little bit exclusive because 'Sultan's' son was involved.

but we managed to fall asleep. MUAHAHAHA

YEAHHH. end of trip. dah takde pape nak cerita lagi. just nak share picture lagi sikit.

see the railway? that one still can be use. just for certain time. anddd this is a normal view. a lot of trishaws right? there, they called it 'BECAK'.

read this. HAHAHAHAHA
hilarious right? no? ahh nevermind.. haha

ohh.. last but not least, meet these gentlemen that i met at Solo, Indonesia.
from left, meet arjuna, amar and alfian.
don't worry. i get their fb for you :)


aimie amalina said...

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under ape?
waah..besnye..tingin nak tgk borobudur..huhuhuhu..

amelia said...

yup. under kolej KTDI, UTM.
pergi je la jalan2. kan sekarang tgh cuti :)

aimie amalina said...

ooo..under kolej gak..heee...saya pon sulu pegi GOP tapi under fke..=)

besnye la kan..=)

SuzaDin said...

waaa ,,, best giler ...

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