June 10, 2011


maybe my jokes didn't amuse you.
maybe my laughter doesn't bring happiness to you.
maybe my advice doesn't make your pain any less.
maybe my help doesn't ease your burden.
maybe my presence doesn't make you stronger indeed.
maybe my gift can't bring back the smile on your face.
maybe by keeping you company, i don't make the loneliness disappear.

maybe. maybe.

maybe you can change me.
maybe you can tell me it was wrong.
maybe you can learn to say 'no'.
maybe you can show me the right way to do it.
maybe you can pretend to listen even if you can't stand to do so.
maybe you can appreciate others' effort just by thank them.

maybe. maybe.

wether 'me' or 'you'. or both.

no matter which person we chose to be,

choose to make others' happy.

instead of yourself.

Nabi Muhammad s. a. w pernah bersabda yang bermaksud:

"Tidak sempurna iman seseorang itu selagi ia tidak mengasihi saudaranya sebagaimana ia mengasihi dirinya sendiri."

(Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim)

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