April 3, 2011

Let Me Be Strong.


hmm it's been awhile since the last update. i am lazy. eleh, you are just the same laahh..
for the past few days.. i hve been thinking. mainly about myself. well, for this time, i am just being so self-centered.

something was wrong. something is just not real. why?
people like ignoring me. people that i used to call as my F-R-I-E-N-D-S.
maybe i am just being tooooooo childish. maybe.
maybe they were busy. maybe.
maybe they have problems. maybe.
maybe they were thinking the same thing about me. maybe.
maybe they just dont notice anything different. maybe.

i push myself. just to stand out. out of my comfort zone. and think.

did i do something wrong? did i say anything bad? do i hurts their feelings? am i so annoying? did i stinks?


i hve tried to be nice. to all indeed. but apparently, no one take a note. no one.

i dont mind if this thing happen for a reason. i mean caused by my own fault. but it seems like i am still searching for my little-tiny-small mistake. please tell me! anyone??

i need them. to share a smile. to pretend hearing my problems. even if it was fake, i am glad to have one. i long for yesterday. the day that we had fun together.

i need you guys. to be here with me. when i am having my bad time. when i'm down. especially now. i knew that i hve ruined up my tests. yeah. call me stupid. call me anything. i don't care.

what i want is.. a friend. enough. even if you hate me, dont pretend like you dont see me.

two things that really bother me right now are friend and TESTS. never mind. i'll put my own efforts on my things. for real. insyaAllah he will help me. i know he will.

make me strong Allah as i dont pray for life to be easier. ;)


iqbalsyarie said...

InsyaAllah, u will be strong :)

amelia said...

thx iqbal :)

ain farahah said...

one day, they will learn to understand u...be strong dear..i always stand beside u...=)