June 15, 2010

how do they do it?


kan aku selalu cakap tentang cara kita fikir kan?

let me introduce to you my sister. i have two sisters. but now, i am talking about the eldest (aimi). maybe the older sister (amira) on next post ;p

hehe. okay. she (aimi) has a creative way to handle us ( my siblings)
let me give you example :

1. if my sis (amira) n i are having a fight. usually people will yell at us to stop. or at least babbling like my mom always did. ;p sorry. but then i am just telling u the truth. (besides, it is normal) Aimi has her own way to stop us. she came to us and watching us. when the tense already in the air, she will start her cheers to bring up more fights. let me describe to you how it works k?

amira : adik kemas ah baju ni. acik dah penat dah kemas kabinet ni.
me : pehal lak? adik pon dah de kemas bilik ni.
amira : pehal bahasa ko cantik sangat? tak reti cakap baik2 ke?
me : biala. (smbil jeling)

out of nowhere.here comes the voice.

aimi : YEAYYY..!! da start da start. gado lagi gado lagi. (smbil ajak angah (my bro) datang sekali tengok)
aimi : angah rase sape menang?
syafiq : angah bet acik ah.
aimi : ok. kalo camtu kakak bet adik menang.

look at the situation. if you are in my shoe. or my sis' shoe, how will you react. i did asked her before. why did you do that? and the answer is simple.

That Is Exactly What Satan Do When They See A Fight Between Muslims.

see? haha. one more. how you going to wake up your siblings?
if they are easily awake, it is not a problem, isn't it?
otherwise, it must end up with a fight. haha.

this is what my sis did.

aimi : adik bangun.
me : yeeee..(with eyes are still close)
aimi : adik bangun dik. dik bangun. dik bangun dik. dik bangun. dik bangun. bangunnn. dik bangun dik. (fastly repeat this with different intonation)

the results. "yelah...!! adik bangun ( bengang, capai towel)"
for my sis, mission accomplished.

very practical isn't it? please try this at home to make sure the techniques are effective. :)
btw, anout the fight, thats the old one. we rarely fight nowadays :) thank god. coz i really hate when i see my sis do her annoying-thing-to-stop-us-fighting thing.

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~M~ said...

suke gileeeeee...hahahaha :D