May 3, 2010


i would like to dedicate 2nd may as the day for my K550i that had been service for me for the past three years. the loyalty that had been given cant be deny. he use to hear me crying, release the anger.
the symptoms of his disease are first spotted when it lose it center button. then, it used to switch on n off with no good reason at all. maybe he need his own peace.
and its getting worser when the "#" button are showing other symptoms. i cant even push the button. it sulked. its ok. i found another way to put spaces between sentences. as you know that sony ericsson nyer hp, spaces die kat button "#"

and then, the day before he passed away, it showed other symptom. it when a lil lilac which i cant describe it properly. lets keep it between me n him.

and the day of tragedy. i helped my friend to bring her food along with my handphones inside my bag. and it turns out to a disaster when the curry spill out. i dont know wether it is the cause of the tragedy. that night. it dont shows any symptoms. i forgot to dry up the curry. i left it on my bed that night. on the next morning. i found it turned off already. i thought it was because of the battery. i charge it. it "charging" word dont display on the screen. i knew that something was wrong. i tied everything to make switch on back. but i was wrong. he left me. FOREVER.

i know that you will never ever read this my dear. but deep inside my heart. you are the best. no matter what they say about you. they just dont know you. i am the one who own you. so, i am the one who knows you the best. i lost my bestie. my pic. n so do my PMR gift. the GREATEST lost was i lost YOU.